As part of our ongoing commitment to research and education in the field of personality and behavioral assessment, PAN offers the following Instructor’s Packages to facilitate classroom instruction.

Instructor’s Packages

These packages are turn-key systems, providing all the materials needed to educate your students on the development, psychometric properties, and interpretation of either the 16pf® Questionnaire or three of our psychological assessments for the evaluation of candidates for safety and security occupations.

Both packages include PowerPoint® presentation slides, test and report manuals for classroom reference and instructional use, plus free test administrations and interpretive reports to enable students to personally experience the 16pf Questionnaire.

For complete details on the unique features of each Instructor’s Package and information on how to request materials for your class:

“Wow! I must say again how amazing your organization is! I loved the 16pf presentation slides and already used some of them for my class. I am excited for the students to take their 16pf tests this week, and for us to explore their results next week.”

Cathy Roberts, Adjunct Faculty Member

Regis University