Independent research confirms that as a covert integrity test the Personnel Reaction Blank (PRB) is a powerful predictor of both job performance and counter-productive behaviors at work.
The 15-minute PRB assessment is ideal for testing large groups of people for routine, non-managerial positions, e.g., jobs in which rule-following behavior is valued.

The PRB assesses the likelihood that a candidate will:

  • Exhibit dependable and reliable behavior at work;
  • Be conscientious, dependable, and rule-respecting (high-scorers); and
  • Tend to be wayward, impulsive and rule resisting (low-scorers).

The PRB is legally-defensible as the non-invasive questions are designed to meet EEOC requirements as well as ADA compliance. Research has shown no evidence of adverse impact for protected groups.

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“The 16pf Questionnaire provides great insight into an individual’s personality traits and how they relate to successful management performance. It is an extremely valuable tool when conducting capability assessments and coaching high-potential leaders in organizations.”

Amanda Jay, Ph.D.

Practice Leader, Leadership & Talent
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