Armed with a solid background in the physical sciences and a passion for factor analysis, Dr. Raymond Cattell developed one of the first objective measures of normal personality, the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire. Since its original publication, the 16pf Questionnaire has matured through four revisions to become one of the most widely-used, reliable, and validated assessments of normal adult personality.

This powerful tool can help drive your business by accurately gauging work style, strengths, and developmental needs so you can consistently separate the “great” from the “good” for your clients.

As your trusted talent measurement resource, PAN has you covered on all fronts. Our team of Industrial/Organizational psychologists and consultants are highly-trained and experienced in HR best practices. We are here to ensure that your measurement programs generate the greatest possible impact for your client organizations. And we’re always here, behind the scenes, to support you.

Exclusive Publisher

PAN is the exclusive publisher of the 16pf personality assessment – a reliable, validated measure of the important but less visible characteristics of personality that are critical to effective job performance.

One Platform for All Assessments

PAN has done the heavy lifting for you by building relationships and contracts with the industry’s leading test publishers so you have one vendor – and one testing platform – for all your assessment needs..

User-Friendly, One-Stop-Shop

PAN is a user-friendly, one-stop-shop for all of the top-tier assessments (16pf Questionnaire, MBTI, CPI-260, Hogan Personality Inventory, and OPQ, to name a few) to hire, develop, retain, and up-skill your workforce.

Best-in-Class Technology

PAN has the best-in-class technology for simple implementation and administration of a wide variety of assessments, including your organization’s own proprietary tests.

Custom Solutions

PAN gives you the ability to create custom solutions including job analyses, validation studies, structured interview questions, and more.

Your brand, not ours

PAN ensures that what your clients see is your brand, not ours.

“The 16PF Questionnaire is the most highly-validated instrument of its type and the most valuable tool we have in our assessment arsenal.”

Dell Larcen

Strayer Consulting Group