The costs associated with making a hiring mistake are significant. Using an appropriate mix of selection tools is critical to making a solid, informed decision. A reliable, valid personality assessment is one of the most important tools in the mix, as a hiring decision needs to be based on more than skills and experience. Performance is also about behavior – about what people WILL do, not just what they CAN do.

Behavior is the best predictor of performance.

A reliable, validated tool with decades of data behind it, the 16pf® Questionnaire is one of the most widely-used assessments to assess behavior. It’s a powerful tool to help gauge an individual’s work style and strengths so you can separate the “great” from the “good”.

For decades, the 16pf Questionnaire has been used by organizations to successfully hire the talent they need for the future and to fill mission-critical positions.

The 16pf Questionnaire helps hiring managers:

  • Understand a candidate’s behavior patterns through personality traits
  • Identify key personality characteristics that contribute to on-the-job success
  • Provide clear insights into a candidate’s expected performance
  • Recognize a candidate’s potential for leadership and preferred leadership style
  • Conduct interviews and create employee development plans, based upon individualized assessment results.

Recommended 16pf Questionnaire Selection Reports

16pf Competency Report
16pf Comprehensive Insights Report
16pf Interpretive Report
16pf Management Potential Report
16pf Profile & Manager Feedback Report Plus

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