PAN has developed assessments and reports specifically for the public safety and security sector. This information provides deep knowledge of critical personality and behavioral characteristics to help inform the hiring and evaluation process.

Candidates in this line of work must be screened for their ability to:

  • Work responsibly and ethically under pressure;
  • Use the appropriate level of force; and
  • Effectively interact with colleagues and community members.

16pf® Security Selection Report

The new 16pf Security Selection Report helps to quickly and cost-effectively identify the applicants who are likely to be effective performing assigned duties – and those who are at risk for performance problems.

16pf® Protective Services Report

The 16pf Protective Services Report is used frequently by hiring managers and psychologists as it is EEOC and ADA compliant and provides an in-depth assessment of normal personality.

Personnel Reaction Blank

Personnel Reaction Blank, an assessment of integrity that is used to screen applicants, is a reliable predictor of whether a candidate will exhibit dependable and reliable workplace behavior or counterproductive behavior.

Inwald Personality Inventory-2

The Inwald Personality Inventory-2, now on its second edition, is a widely-used and well-respected pre-employment assessment for police and public safety officers. It has been used to screen thousands of applicants annually for more than three decades.

16pf® Protective Services Report Plus

Generated from the Psychological Evaluation Questionnaire, this report combines clinical items with the 16pf Questionnaire’s normal personality items to identify a candidate’s thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors.

“I want to thank you for the array of wonderful products which your firm has been able to provide to us psychologists who are doing the work of clearing applicants for police and other public safety positions. I have used the IPI and other Hilson instruments since 1984 with more than 30 police and public safety agencies in New Mexico.”

Gerald F. Serafino, Ph.D.

Roswell, New Mexico