In addition to Response Style Indices which assess whether the test taker has responded in a socially desirable, random, critical, extreme, or acquiescent manner, this new report includes helpful information for everyone in the assessment process – the 16pf-qualified Professional, the Manager / Supervisor, and the Client / Test Taker.

For the Professional

Concise personality assessment results to:

  • Facilitate selection and placement decisions
  • Inform development and career counseling programs.

For Managers who have a voice in the selection/placement process

Narrative feedback, written in layman’s language, about the direct report’s personality and how it might impact on-the-job performance in the key areas of:

  • Relating to Others
  • Influence and Collaboration
  • Thinking Style
  • Structure and Flexibility
  • Management of Pressure

Plus, for the Client/Test Taker

A 2-page section that the professional can use to help the individual fully understand the assessment results, which includes:

  • Detailed, easy-to-understand descriptions of the 5 Global Factors (listed above)
  • Narrative explanations of Low, Mid, and High scores for the Primary Factors that contribute to each of the 5 Global Factors.


Purchase Information

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“The 16pf Questionnaire is the most highly-validated instrument of its type and the most valuable tool we have in our assessment arsenal.” (Excerpt from a presentation at a retreat for the Larcen Consulting Group’s Core Consulting Team.)

Dell Larcen

Los Altos, CA