In today’s increasingly-competitive employment market, it is critical for organizations to retain their top talent and develop their existing high-potential employees. Engaging employees and offering them a path for growth and development is an important strategy to drive retention at every level.

According to a 2014 report from Aberdeen Group, companies that use assessments have a more engaged workforce, higher “exceeds” performance reviews, and greater retention of “high-potentials.” Further, in 2015, Deloitte found that high-performing companies spend more on leadership development – and get results that are three to four times greater than their competitors.

Understanding the role of behavior in supporting improved performance and retention is an important first step. The 16pf Questionnaire provides an in-depth understanding of the whole person. It provides detailed insights into 16 different personality traits that influence the way individuals work and interact with others, delivering better information for predicting behavior and performance.

As with individual development, to reach a high level of team performance, you need to understand the factors that contribute to team effectiveness and success. By understanding how different team members are likely to interact with one another, mutual understanding can be built. When teams understand how to effectively interact with one another, performance is optimized. The 16pf assessment is a research-based and scientifically-validated tool useful in helping teams to reach optimal success.

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