While the bedrock of Sirius is the 16pf® personality questionnaire, Sirius also offers two optional cognitive ability tests to help ensure your candidates have the mental agility for the job.

How do you know which ability test to use, if any?

Sirius cleverly works this out for you based upon the competencies you have determined as most important for a given job. Depending upon your required competencies, Sirius will select either the Matrigma® test or the ebilities® Mental Agility Series tests. (Sirius also provides an opt-out setting so that you can exclude ability tests from your selection process, if you prefer not to use them.)

ebilities Mental Agility Tests

The Mental Agility Series is comprised of two tests of General Mental Ability (GMA). In addition, both tests measure a candidate’s confidence in his/her own ability by asking the level of certainty of each provided answer. This information imparts an understanding of the candidate’s self-awareness which is valuable insight into his/her potential.


The Swaps test assesses working memory using a series of image re-arrangement questions, i.e., mentally interchanging (swapping) the order of three geometric shapes according to increasingly complex instructions.

Numerical Operations

This test involves mentally performing numerical calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Matrigma is a measure of an individual’s general mental ability in relation to others. Tasks are presented to a candidate in the form of geometrical figures or matrices that challenge the ability to see connections, fill in gaps where information is missing, grasp the relationship between different objects, and find points of similarity among figures that differ from each other.

In short, Matrigma measures problem-solving, logical ability and the ability to spot logical connections. The problem-solving tasks are presented in order of increasing difficulty so that as a candidate progresses through the test, the tasks become more difficult.

Expert Insights

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