Sirius is a unique online platform that enables companies to dramatically improve their recruitment process. It allows a quick and easy screening of candidates based upon their individual personality profile, and supports fair and objective hiring decisions. Sirius requires no special training or qualifications to use as the intuitive interface guides users through each step, leading to clear and objective recommendations.

Informed Hiring Decisions Powered by Valid & Reliable Assessments

Uniquely combining the 16PF personality assessment and two optional cognitive ability tests, Sirius helps organizations define job competencies and then assess applicants against those competencies. A simple and intuitive interface supports the prioritization of competencies for each role, and then presents the candidates in rank order based upon their personality fit with the role.

From Application to Onboarding: Step-by-Step Guidance

Comprehensive Support for your Hiring Decisions

Sirius enables companies to use personality insights to inform recruitment decisions at all organizational levels, regardless of their size. Small businesses can benefit from the support Sirius provides with HR processes and the ability to access affordable personality insights to help safeguard against hiring mistakes. Larger enterprises can use Sirius to cost-effectively screen a substantial number of applicants and to extend existing HR capability through routine administration of psychological assessments early in the selection process.